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Necessity and investigation are prerequisites for the design of housing: social, environmental and economic factors affect form. This new survey into multi-family housing focuses on the responses proposed by architects who are dealing with the dynamic and diverse demands of contemporary society.
If you're interested you can take a look at the book. We are producing a series of interviews with architects featured in Total Housing. These interviews are exclusively published here to give you a sneak preview and background information about what is in the book.
You can also order the book via our webshop and we will send it to you in no time.

Total Housing 01: Apartments
December 15, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Storefront and Actar are pleased to announce Total Housing 01: Apartments, an exhibition of the results
of the first in a succession of architecture competitions circling around the book Total Housing. Organized with and Actar Publishers, this first iteration concentrates on the typologies of apartments. The exhibition will showcase the five winning entries, which were chosen from nearly 400 submissions, along with selected commentary from the jury. Input from the public will be included and encouraged as a component of the exhibition. A selection of projects will be on display and the exhibition will be accompanied by a newsprint publication.
Read more about the exhibition

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Check the Total Housing related videos! Learn about the design process, see the interior of the dwellings, spy how people live in them, and many more...

KOZ Architectes

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MTN. Mountain Dwellings

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ZAC Masséna
Beckmann-N'Thépé Agency

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Shinonome Canal Court Block 1
Riken Yamamoto & Associates

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afgh (Andreas Fuhrimann, Gabrielle Hächler), Alexis López Acosta + Xavier Iván Díaz, Arakawa & Gins, Beckmann-N'Thépé, Bevk Perovic, BKK-3, Bolles + Wilson, Brendeland & Kristoffersen, Clotet & Paricio, Coll - Leclerc, Covas Hunkeler Wyss, Delugan Meissl, Dorte Mandrup, Dosmasuno, dRMM, FOA, GarcíaGermán Arquitectos, Gerardo Caballero, Gigon/Guyer, Helen & Hard, njiric+ arhitekti, Elemental, Jakob+Macfarlane, CAt, KOKO, Koz, Kumiko Inui, Lacaton Vassal, VBM / lava architecten, LOHA, Loos Architects, Lundgaard & Tranberg, Makoto Yokomizo, Manuelle Gautrand, MVRDV + Blanca Lleó, Metrogramma, Michael Maltzan, PPAG, BIG, JDS, Niall McLaughlin, Promontório, querkraft, Riken Yamamoto, Ryue Nishizawa, Sadar & Vuga, Senan Abdelqadar, SHoP, Stanely Saitowitz, Steven Holl, Studio Up, Vicente Guallart, WOHA

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