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Verb ™ is ACTAR’s main tool for the investigation of current architectural production.
A hybrid, thematic publication that combines the heterogeneity and topicality of a magazine with the referential and comprehensive approach of a book.
A user manual that presents an extensive analysis of a compelling building or situation first examined in the boogazine™.
Verb Crisis
The latest in the acclaimed Verb series, Crisis explores extraordinary challenges pushing architectural practice to a radical turning point.
A 'Do Tank' for Urban Projects in Contexts of Scarce Resources
A compelling analysis of the Chilean social housing initiative: Elemental.
Verb Natures
Artificial and organic fuse to produce new architectures, new possibilities, new natures.
From Control to Design
Parametric / Algorithmic Architecture
A synthetic look at the impact of parametric and algorithmic design on architectural practice.
Verb Conditioning
The design of new atmospheres, effects and experiences in the age of real artificiality.
Desert America
A survey of the unexpected extreme uses and activities occurring in the American desert.
Verb Connection
Virtual and physical connections between people, programs and uses.
Seattle Public Library
The concept of library, radically rethought.
Verb Matters
Current formal and material possibilities in the context of the information age.
Sendai Mediatheque
Integrating the flows of real and virtual worlds.
Verb Processing
The complicities of the design process: before, during and after the advent of a building.
The Yokohama Project
The epic making of an epic project: design, organization, construction.