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Actar: Architecture: Skycar City : A Pre-emptive History
Skycar City
Skycar City
A Pre-emptive History
MVRDV , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
From the 2006 Marcus Prize Studio at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Winy Maas of MVDRV and Grace La of UWM present the work of twelve students who explored the relationship between infrastructure, architecture, and urban form. This highly investigative studio pushed the physical and conceptual limits of given definitions of city, circulation, and program. Tested in two scenarios (one real in Tianjin, China and the other purely hypothetical), the studio severed vehicular traffic flow from its traditional two-dimensional plane and then forecast the potentials of a new, hyper-volumetric city where given urban activity inflate to fully occupy all three-dimensions. Populated by 5 million inhabitants and rising 800 meters high, this new 'sky car city' is buzzing with the flows of goods and people, as they navigate the airways in several models of newly designed air-born vehicles.
Skycar City
Edited by:
Winy Maas , Grace La
¨A supreme piece of informed science fiction, an extrapolation of what we would do to embrace a seductive piece of imagined technology.¨ (Jonathan Bell, Things Magazine)

¨Graphs, stats, charts, models, and timelines that sing.¨(Architect Magazine)

¨We always enjoy a bit a rampant speculation; the beauty of this pocket monograph is that it makes good use of shiny CGI in its exploration of the city of tomorrow.” (Wallpaper)
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English [978-84-96540-58-3] Available
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15 x 21 cm.
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USA 19.95 $
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